29 April 2009

SEA CREATURES SPOTTED IN THE CHANNEL - www.thechannelcreature.com/what-is-the-amr


What is the AMR?

The ‘Association of Maritime Research’ was created in 1901 in order to promote a better understanding of deep-sea life and the curious and unknown phenomena that occur in the depth of the oceans and on the sea- bed. Their approach to research is to gather testimonials and question scientists specialising in marine research in an attempt to find a scientific explanation for the various sightings.

The AMR’s intention is to communicate their findings to the general public and enable them to participate interactively in the continuing research.

On 20th April 2009 Thierry and Sophie were enjoying a walk at the Boulogne Harbour. They are both passionate about boats and sea-life and intended filming the variety of boats sailing out of the harbour. As Thierry was filming, his eye glued to the lens, he suddenly became aware of a large shape which appeared on the horizon. Intrigued, he zoomed the camera in to focus more clearly and saw a huge, dark, rapidly moving object, which disappeared within a matter of seconds. Something of an amateur expert about the sea and marine life, he knew this was not simply the outline of a whale or any similar creature and was convinced that he had sighted some phenomenon as yet unseen by man. He decided to contact the AMR who are pursuing further investigations.

Subsequently the AMR has collected a substantial number of testimonials from different areas. The strong similarities between the descriptions seem to confirm the existence of a ‘gigantic’ and extremely ‘fast-moving’ creature off our shores.

Calling for Witnesses

The AMR’s success in identifying this marine phenomenon is dependent upon the participation of the general public. As the first report came from Dover they have put in place a multimedia campaign calling for witnesses to come forward. This will include the distribution of flyers, radio, press and online communications.

We are calling for all witnesses of sightings of any strange phenomena in the English Channel to contact the AMR immediately via our website http://www.thechannelcreature.com/. A reward is being offered for evidence leading directly to proof of this creature’s existence.

22 December 2005

The Shortest Day


has passed, roll on sunshine...

19 December 2005

One from the Vaults

An old publicity shot for a friend's band...ripped off from Jill Furmanovsky


18 December 2005

PhotoVoice - A charity transforming lives through photography

Sri Lanka

From the PhotoVoice website..."By giving photographic
training to the politically and economically voiceless,
PhotoVoice enables its constituents to advocate for change
themselves. Through witnessing the daily challenges as they
see them, we get closer to truly understanding their lives
and needs and are perhaps moved ourselves to help bring
about change..." The site contains some refreshingly original
work, most of which is produced by children. The charity also
asks for donations of photographic equipment to enable
further work.

Camille Pissarro, drawing with light

Photography means 'drawing with light' and although I study
other photographers to discover the best methods for this,
Pissarro, undoubtedly one of the masters of 'painting light',
provides inspiration too. Despite an unparalleled gift for
drawing, he was modest enough to stifle this ability to
capture detail, in order to concentrate on light and how it
affected colour. His true gift was to recreate the essense of
a scene, normally of the mundane, yet still engender a
response in the viewer that suggests they are seeing much
more than is on the canvas...and there are few
photographers capable of that...
More on Pissarro

17 December 2005

Inter Milldam

..is the rather unoriginal monicker of my 5-a-side team...however we do produce the strangest match reports..go read 'em at the club site...

Tidy demolition

Wondered what the crashing noise was at the end of the street...

13 December 2005


A new method of recycling items you no longer need has arrived...just give it away...for free. Freecycle is a website that puts you in touch with local people wanting rid of odds and ends (piece of carpet anyone?) and others who can't collect enough 'it just needs a new plug' sandwichmakers. It's a great idea and stops the landfills from overflowing.

Going to the park in 2046..if we don't recycle


10 December 2005

Warning - extremely silky skills inside

Ronaldinho movies..pure genius

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